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in Poland former communist country the costs of health services borne by the National Health Fund financed by all that pay health insurance contributions in 2012 amounted to 60.8 billion PLN appr. The right to health services in Poland has about 999% of population also registered unemployed persons and their spouses. Health care administration and regulation edit. See also Health professional requisites. The management and administration of health care is another sector vital to the delivery of health care services. In particular the practice of health professionals and operation of health care institutions is typically regulated by national or state/provincial authorities through appropriate regulatory bodies for purposes of quality assurance.
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Consequently each province administers its own health insurance program. The federal government influences health insurance by virtue of its fiscal powers it transfers cash and tax points to the provinces to help cover the costs of the universal health insurance programs. Under the Canada Health Act the federal government mandates and enforces the requirement that all people have free access to what are termed medically necessary services defined primarily as care delivered by physicians or in hospitals and the nursing component of long term residential care.
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Specific conditions apply to students whose legal place of residence is in another country. You can obtain more information from the HZIV. The health insurance providers? The health insurance providers do offer additional insurance plans which allow you to extend your basic health insurance. You have to pay a contribution for this additional insurance called the mutualiteitsbijdrage or health insurance contribution. In exchange for this contribution you will receive additional benefits services and compensation for payments made including for vaccinations contact lenses corrective eyeglasses personal alarm systems speech therapy orthodontic treatment ambulance transport osteopathy chiropractic treatment acupuncture some implants hospital stays sports club membership births adoptions dental care youth holidays and care residences.
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the place of the consultation at the doctors practice at home etc. the time of the consultation evening weekend etc. What is a fund doctor? Agreements between the medical profession and health insurance funds set the official rates for basic fees for reimbursement by the mandatory healthcare insurance cover. If your doctor belongs to these agreements he or she is what is known as a fund doctor. This means your doctor is not at liberty to charge the fees of his or her choice. Whether the doctor is a fund doctor or not the amount of the refund by the healthcare insurance cover is identical. This means that the fee overrun gap generally charged by non-fund doctors is required to be paid entirely by the patient.

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